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Who We Are & Why

Tired of walking through endless shops, looking for just the right item form you or your horse? Enter Cherry's Tack Room, where you’ll find a huge selection of horse tack and pet supplies at unbeatable prices, only a few clicks away.

Cherry's Tack Room was born having facing difficulties when it comes to buying much needed horse accessories/tack and feed. We decided to make that experience, easier, more enjoyable and affordable. 

We hope to create a community and eventually run our own physical shop one day.

Our name, Cherry's Tack Room is dedicated to my horse of a lifetime who we sadly lost in march 2022, so to continue her legacy we wanted to do something I love, to supply quality products to owners and thier pets at affordable prices. Cherry was a 15'3 thoroughbred who was 5 when I got her as a blank canvas, she was my first horse and we did everything together for the first time. I bred Cherry with my stallion and had my first foal (Pumpkin) who was born in may 2021 who is growing up to be just as crazy and loving as her mum. 

Our Name

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Everything you need as a Horse Rider. Hand picked, tried and tested products from our team of riders, so we know what we are supply is going to meet your needs at a price that is competitive for you. Ensuring your safety, style and quality is met when considering Horse Tack and Equipment. 

Choosing Cherry's Tack Room

We are a new start up online store. Deliveries do vary as we have a number of hand selected suppliers. Some deliveries can take up to a number of weeks, but we hope that the quality and service you recieve, cost saving on various horse products is accounted for and you continue to trust us with your supplies and needs. 


Delivery times do vary, we source products throughout the globe to ensure you get the best quality and price within the market. 


We truly believe in getting the price right for you. We are here for a long time and want to be the go to solution when it comes to horse products.


Hand selected, tried and tested  products to ensure quality is as it should be!

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